Early English - Our method for playful language learning

From the time of its birth every child has acquired the natural abilities to learn a language. They can imitate the sounds they hear, then understand words and later form sentences before finally mastering the language fully.

These skills can also be tapped for a second or third language which then penetrates, like the mother tongue, via another section of the brain into much deeper layers than an additional language learnt in later years.

ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

There is a good early language learning possibility which has proved its worth in Canada for the past thirty years. In this so-called immersion method children are thrown into a language bath where they first splash around and then start swimming with pleasure.

A language is learnt by moving around in that language, by living in it. It has been scientifically proven that different areas of the brain are activated when small children and adults are learning. When children learn languages, the same part of the brain is involved as when they learn their mother tongue. However, according to the principle of Total Physical Response it is considerably easier for them to learn a further language in conjunction with the perception of all senses.

ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

In the children's language school we avoid artificial communication as in conventional language lessons. Language is taught without any classical textbooks. Children play in whatever language they are learning. Our children enter a new language world playfully and effortlessly and without being overtaxed learn a foreign language with all their senses seemingly quite involuntarily.