Customer Feedback

My daughter has been attending the camps for a number of years and is always very happy. She was completely thrilled about the inclusion of sports this year!



Initially I had no interest in learning English during the holidays. I would rather have gone to tennis camp. However my parents were persistent and the camp turned out to be really great. We spent a lot of time outdoors and tried lots of really cool stuff. And the best thing about it is that I have now improved my grade in English.

Pupil, 12 years old


Learning by playing - learning for life


My friend and I were really nervous. This was the first time. But the supervisors were all really nice!

Pupil, 6 years old


I was totally afraid that we would have to learn a lot - and in the holidays! But it was great, we were outdoors a lot and did fun things! We learned English along the way but we did not have to constantly sit at a table!

Pupil, 8 years old


A couple of years ago, my daughter made a friend at the camp and now the two of them always go to the camps together. Our families have become close and we visit each other regularly. We made new friends through the camp!



 Learning by playing - learning for life


I was planning to relocate my family to Germany. It was important that my daughter improved her German so she visited the summer camp. Although she had passive knowledge, speaking was difficult for her. The camp was really great as the children all spoke German amongst themselves. She has learnt a lot and above all she is now more confident and is able to communicate what she wants to say.



It was important that my son improved his oral English and I therefore had the idea of sending him to the  camp. He was reluctant at first saying things like "Mum, you’re not supposed to learn during the holidays, you’re supposed to relax!”. Eventually I was able to persuade him and he loved it. After the holidays his teacher commented that she had noticed a real difference and now my son has improved his oral English grade.